Pellet Replacement Therapy

Considering Pellet Hormone Replacement Therapy?  Let’s talk…

At RejuvinAge, we do not offer Pellet HRT.  In an effort to educate our women and men concerning HRT, we strongly urge you fully understand any hormone replacement program before deciding which HRT Program is right for you. Understanding HRT and asking the right questions before beginning Hormone Replacement is essential to your success.

Let’s talk about Pellet’s:

  • First & foremost the opportunity to meet the physician who will prescribe your HRT Program should be offered. 
  • The concept of an annual prepayment for any therapy should be strongly considered.  What if Pellet Therapy is not right for you?
  • Is your goal Optimal Hormone Levels?
  • Can daily levels of Pellet Therapy be regulated?
  • How will you react to the highs and lows of Pellet HRT?
  • Do you have an understanding of Optimal Hormone Levels versus Super Physiologic levels of Hormones?
  • Will your lab work be drawn by a reputable lab?
  • Will you be given a legitimate copy of your lab work?
  • Will lab values and optimal ranges be discussed by your physician?
  • Do you know the name of each Pellet that will be implanted?
  • Do you know the effects of each Hormone that will be implanted?
  • What options are offered if a Pellet does not dissolve?
  • If you experience side effects from implanted Pellets such as breast tenderness, hair loss, mood swings, headaches, bleeding or acne, how are side effects be regulated?
  • If you are diagnosed with Breast Cancer or Prostate Cancer, what roles does a hormone pellet play?


At RejuvinAge, Jennifer Krup, M.D. focuses exclusively on Optimal Hormone Replacement.  At RejuvinAge our focus is on you!