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Value in the Details: Program Prescription Management

Value in the Details: Program Prescription Management

Professional prescription management is an integral component of all hormone replacement programs and consistent implementation has proven to positively influence the level of success a patient may achieve. At RejuvinAge, Dr. Krup and staff maintain a "patient-first" philosophy which focuses on an individualized approach to BHRT and extends throughout ongoing service and care provided, including prescriptions.

Let's look at a few key points and details as to how we "do it different".

Physician Managed Prescriptions

As with our BHRT programs, prescriptions are also physician managed. Throughout hormone replacement therapy, real-time adjustments to bioidentical hormone prescriptions are administered when factoring follow-up appointments with Dr. Krup and lab test results. Our patients rest assured through the close monitoring and dynamic oversight a true physician managed program provides.

Hormone Prescription Quality & Accuracy

RejuvinAge provides the highest quality bioidentical hormones exclusively through our compounding pharmacy partner MedQuest. Patients benefit from our longstanding relationship with MedQuest via our staff's seamless communication and attention to detail throughout the prescription process. Our goal is 100% accurate and timely prescription orders, every time!

Missed Prescriptions Hurt Success

BHRT program success requires lapse prevention in all prescribed hormones. Our management services ensure patients always have prescriptions filled accurately and delivered on time.

Added Value Through Saving Time

Many of our patients maintain ever busy schedules and often remark regarding the added convenience and "worry-free" prescription management services RejuvinAge provides. Simply put, we'll handle the logistics so you don't have to.

Professional Planning Saves Cost

Our staff constantly works to identify and support individual prescription needs. Though real-time communication with our patients, we are regularly able to make suggestions and obtain cost-savings through delivery scheduling and quantity planning. For example, are you going out of town for an extended trip? We're glad to assist with ongoing and any unforeseen logistics challenges that may arise.

Following Up

Have a question about prescription management and would like to get in touch? We are available to provide additional information, real-time answers, and would love to hear from you. Meanwhile, take a moment to further explore our individual BHRT programs for men and women.

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This website is for information purposes only and does not offer medical advice. Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) may be prescribed by our doctor after lab testing, a physical exam and review of your medical history. However, RejuvinAge does not promise BHRT replacement as this is determined by our doctor based on your lab results, medical history and current health status, including hormone levels.