STEP 1: Contact Us

Please contact our office at 757-306-4300 to schedule your appointment.  This appointment is one on one with Dr. Krup. You may request an information packet by email at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Please plan your appointment in advance as appointments are very prompt.

STEP 2: Consultation Appointment

The RejuvinAge program begins with a 1/2 hour consultation appointment. Dr. Krup will assess your personal needs and suggest the proper program. You may download the Female or Male Packet or we will forward an information packet to you by mail. We also ask our patients to complete a Health & Lifestyle questionnaire prior to their consultation appointment.

STEP 3: Labwork

After your initial consultation, our staff will direct you to Lab Corp. Lab Corp is conveniently located throughout Hampton Roads and most of the 50 states. Locations may be found by  clicking here.  Most locations open at 8a.m. and appointments are not necessary. Blood draws are done on a walk in basis. Our Premier Lab panel requires you to fast for 12 hours before your testing is preformed. The results are received in our office in approximately 7 days.  Final lab results are an integral part of the RejuvinAge Program Appointment.  Lab work must be completed seven days prior to a scheduled appointment .

STEP 4: Program Appointment

On the day of your program appointment, Dr. Krup will spend 1/2 hour-1 1/2 hours with you in a one on one appointment.  This time is best spent without interruptions, therefore we request cell phone not be used in our center. This appointment begins with a review of individual lab results, an assessment of symptoms and a discussion of medical history as listed on your health and lifestyle questionnaire. Dr. Krup will then discuss the principles of hormone replacement, a personal treatment plan and will complete your appointment with answers to your questions and a physical examination.

STEP 5: Treatment Program

By combining lab results and  medical history, Dr. Krup will determine the best hormone replacement program for you. She will prescribe a prescription program tailored to your lab results and health and lifestyle answers.

STEP 6: Follow-Up

After 7-8 weeks of treatment, patients have their first follow-up appointment with Dr. Krup. Seven days prior to this appointment follow-up lab work must be complete. Dr. Krup will review your new lab results, discuss the effects of your program and adjust  dosages accordingly. Patients repeat this process again in 90 days and then again in six months. Once hormones levels are optimized, it is only necessary to have lab work and an office visit once a year.

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